Sunday, January 29, 2012

Videos of def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 4

The videos are finally uploaded, ready to be seen by you and many others world-wide. Deaf/hard of hearing and hearing poets/performers presented their work at Lovin' Cup on January 21st. These videos were made during Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 4 in which I, Eddie Swayze, and John Roche, a Liberal Arts professor at RIT, coordinated together. The interpreters for the deaf/hard of hearing and hearing audience were great, led by Miriam Lerner.

To see the videos of performers, click on this address:

I thank Paulette Swartzfager for creating those great videos and taking her time to upload them.

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  1. I thank the talented Denise (Dee) Herrera for interpreting the Spanish phrases directly into ASL and for doing a performance of her own during the "Whitman poem." When I said, "the barefoot boy," meaning the young Whitman, I recognized the sign "boy-without-shoes." When I said "now masters brandishing whips," out came the whip! I know very little ASL but could also decipher the sign for "beach" as well.