Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flyer of Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 4

I just created a flyer for Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 4. The deaf/hard of hearing and hearing performers will take turns on stage at Lovin' Cup, sharing the beauty of ASL and English poetry/storytelling/performances. It will start at 3 PM on January 21st, free to the public.

The deaf performers will be Susan Smith, Vicki Nordquist, Eddie Swayze, Matt Schwartz, and "Dangerous Signs" (NTID students) with RIT Drum Club. Hearing performers will be Wanda Schubmehl, Catherine Faurot, Danielle Smith, Paulette Swartzfager, John Roche, Vincent F.A. Golphin, Lori Nolasco, and Chan McKenzie.

John Roche, RIT professor, and I are in charge of this 4th year poetry event that presents two different languages: ASL and English, which are shared on stage, a rare opportunity for the public to see. This event fosters respect and honor toward ASL poetry/storytelling/performance of any kind and English poetry/storytelling/performance of any kind as two cultures (deaf and hearing worlds) exchanging their experiences and interacting one and another in poetic and artistic forms.

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