Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mackie Thump 12 Speakers for DJ: GoFundMe.Com

Here is one speaker, on display, that I chose. It's Mackie Thump 12 (Yes, there will be two to buy at the same price). They will cost at regular price of $299.99 with tax up to $315.00. Yet there is a Special Deal at $260.00, but that all depends on how long that deal will last and when the goal is reached. Henceforth, I added 315 bucks to 295 bucks already made, which is the goal of $610.00 now in my GoFundMe.Com. The guy at Guitar Center hooked his iPod to the switch board and turned on the switch that went to this particular speaker. Whoa! It sounded fantastic. It's not a passive speaker, because it is considered as loudness speaker, meaning more amp and strength power. The speakers will go with DJ Numark Mixture 2 device. 

Therefore, let's make sure I get the goal and be able to purchase Mackie Thump 12 speakers and connect them to DJ Numark Mixture 2 device, all together, and perform anywhere I go. I shall pursue to become DJ WildPoet once I reach the goal. 

If you want to chip in some toward the new goal for the speakers, you can click on my GoFundMe.Com site address below:

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