Thursday, February 20, 2014

GoFundMe.Com Donation: DJ/Performance Arts Career

I am currently on GoFund.Com to request for a donation toward a DJ device called Numark 2 Mixtrack  DJ Software Controller. The goal is to reach up to $320.00 to enable me to purchase the device. I have a strong desire to use this DJ device for performing my American Sign Language (ASL) poetry work that already have electronic music. I would be DJ-ing many of my non-spoken words (instrumental) electronic music as well and also just be a regular DJ by playing famous musicians' work for parties, weddings, and so forth. The point of purchasing the Numark DJ device is to go beyond the normal music playing schemes, meaning being able to create wild soundscape effects such as increasing or slowing the beat, creating scratching sounds, repeating the tracks, and many other tricks. These sound manipulation apparatus could enhance my performance skills, and make my performance much more entertaining and interesting.

Here is my GoFund.Com site address in hyperlink for you to click on in order to see my notes, videos, and picture of the DJ device:

Here is a photo of Numark 2 Mixtrack DJ Software Controller.

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