Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gay-Themed Artwork for ColorFest 2012

My 7 gay-themed artwork were displayed at NTID's Dyer Arts Center for ColorFest 2012. ColorFest 2012 is a special glbt deaf/hard of hearing students pride event that happens every year. I submitted my artwork and they approved to have my work exhibited during their ColorFest 2012 celebration. I felt a sense of honor and support to the students by providing my visual arts that reflect gay pride, respect, spirit, sexuality, and politics.

I also performed 2 ASL poems with original composed electronic music for them in the Robert F. Panara Theatre at NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf). I presented "After Breaking Glass" and "Nightlife". My performance of these two work turned out a great success on stage. Received positive raves from the students.

Here are two poems in written English that I performed.

“After Breathing Glass”

Blueness is a loss in the sea,

Floating upside-down in my dream.

I’m glass-fractured, can’t get what I see.

Smell the crisped, cold ice from the sea.

Hear myself moan and groan.

Maybe I would scream.

I see the flesh on his chest so warm

But it’s far in the distance from me.

I gaze, yet my desire can’t be born.

I want to find some relief.

Little people below don’t seem to care.

Chaos churns without air.

Yet hope allows my eyes to stare

At the warm flesh that is almost bare.

I shout to him, “Come please! Come to me!

Come pull me out of this sea!

Hold me so I can become free!

Give me your breath for me to breathe!”


Radiating rainbow halo hovered above DJ Jon Herbert's head.

Supersonic speeding electronic tunes bombarded our blood and bones in the crowd, captivating our overnight dreams,

ever lasting, ever amazed.

My inner spirit shimmered like a light that stays on through the night.

Moved my whole prudent presence, surrounded by the beauty of gay men and free-spirited people,

ever connected, ever new.

Pushed and pulled myself until all spun up through the glittery nightlife.

Friends and strangers wriggled and writhed beneath the majestic magical lights,

all bathed in brilliant rainbow hues,

ever energetic, ever bright.

Wondered all will I still dance when I become an old man?

Dreamed upon Andy Warhol whirling wildly among the dancing crowds at nightclubs,

an old man that didn't rock on the chair.

I shall sizzle and sashay with pride as long as I can in the rainbow lights,

ever blissful, ever sustained.

Dance through nightlife.

Dance through nightlife.

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