Saturday, March 10, 2012

SIGG Bottle Design w/ Cats

I have been working on creating a design on a bottle for a bottle company SIGG. They posted on to have artists join and compete for a best design. If chosen, an artist wins $1,000.00 and gets good networking opportunities. Henceforth, I came up with using images of cats. It's my hope that the popularity of cats due to their cuteness and being part of the society in families and etc. could entice the jurists or voters in to choose my design. Though, this task took a long time. I had to find many photos of cats on the Internet. Though, to avoid copyrights issues, the changes of the images has to be at least 25% or more. Therefore, those cats are not exactly the way they looked originally from the Internet. I copied/pasted the cats and used high contrast and darkness/brightness in PhotoShop to create silhouettes of the cats and reduce their sizes. For the face of the cat on front, I used special affects under Filter to create "Poster Edge" and "Cut Out" that changed the cat's face from original to artists' work, more cubic and torn edges on its face. The same went to the cat paw on the back of the bottle. I also added a white spot on the cat's eye to create a light spot and added a green on the eye as well to show this cat as having a green eye. I painted in white on the paw's toes. I just used "Bucket" tool to fill the whole background in green to match the cat's green eye. This is pretty much completed, but the only thing I need to do is to fix some tiny cats that are more grey and needs to get down to complete black. Shall cross my fingers to win or get at least a networking opportunity.

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